Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Single Mommy Status

My husband has been working out of town for over a week now and I have been trying my best to hold it all down while he is away.  My best is not always good enough but I have chosen to make it my mission to be better each day.  God willing.

Someone help me please.  I know for certain that I am yelling far more than I am talking!  At this point, I am on ALL CAPS.  I always stop myself while trying to collect my thoughts and approach the situation differently but just as soon as I try and approach it rationally, I find that my 1 year old son has my 2 year old daughter on the floor laughing as if he just won the heavyweight championship.  Or one is chasing the other because they have the "toy of the hour"  and "it's theirs" and there is no such thing as sharing!  What ever happened to "sharing is caring"?!!  I always hear that "they will be so close later" and I do believe it but meanwhile, they are driving me insane.  I just want to be able to get a grip on things and handle all the madness with some calmness.  Is that possible?  Maybe not for me.  

Here's the thing, I do understand that I am blessed and I understand how lucky I am to have such healthy and happy children.  In fact, I thank God for that!!  Now, I just need the patience to go along with all of that.  My two year old just found out that she LOVES sleeping in our bed much better than in her own and has now refused to sleep in her own bed for over a month now.  I miss my sleep!!  My one year old son thinks he is running the show here.  He runs around chucking things at mirrors, at people, and down the stairs!  He bites, hits, and snarls at us.....
Sometimes, I have to stop and laugh at the craziness here.  

Of course, we have our good times!!  They DO sleep ;)

On a more serious note.  I am trying to put things in perspective.  They are my babies and I wouldn't want it any other way.  I am checking in and being accountable so that I can check out of the insane asylum.  I need to turn around and address each of these problems as calm as possible head on.  I am mommy, the superhero right?  After all, I did create life!!

Where's that next glass of wine?

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